What: Contestants will need to build a wheeled vehicle capable of carrying one person over an off road obstacle course and then participate in a downhill drag race. Rules are below.

When: 4-5 April 2020; April fools weekend, rain or shine. Check in and will be from 11:00 to 13:00 first race starts 14:00. In theory.

Where:  Twin Mountain Off Road Center.  

Race entrance fee is $30 per entrant.

Spectators $5 each

Food is $25 a person. Will be catered not sure what yet

Camping the usual $ 15

Wheeling $40

Vehicle Specs:

  1. Width- Not to exceed 2 ¾ Feet or 33 inches or 838.2 mm
  2. Length- Not to exceed 7 Feet or 84inches or  2133.6 mm
  3. Weight- Not to exceed 80lbs or one 80lb bag of Quickcrete.
  4. Height- there is no height restriction at this time.
  5. Wheel base can be any length but vehicle cannot exceed the overall length. All wheels must be directly across from each other.
  6. Main body of vehicle must be built out of any material other than metal.
  7. Metal can be used in the following areas only:
    1. Axles and wheels
    1. Steering linkage
    1. Braking system if equipped
    1. Fastenings.
  8. No spring type suspension systems are allowed. You will need axle articulation ability’s.
  9. There must be at least 4 wheels on the vehicle.

Race rules:

  1. Helmets must be worn while racing.
  2. All vehicles will be inspected and weighed to qualify.
  3. If a vehicle breaks prior to the start of race the driver and one other team member or another racer can fix the vehicle but it must meet the race specs.
  4. If a vehicle breaks on the obstacle course the driver only has 5 min to effect repairs to be able to carry on. The racer can only be assisted by racers who have already completed that race.
  5. If a vehicle breaks during the downhill drag that’s unfortunate.
  6. Management reserves the right to add more rules if I think of something pertinent.

Obstacle Course:

The Obstacle course will include uneven terrain, corners and hills both up and down.

The vehicle must complete the course using momentum from gravity as the only form of propulsion. No motors, No Flintstoning it, No pedals.  The course will be built with this in mind.

It will be timed and each participant will get a max of 3 runs each with the best time used for final score.


The downhill is just that a race down a hill from a starting gate to a smaller finish gate, first one through still riding their vehicle wins.

Additional awards classes subject to management and judge’s opinion.

  1. Most Ridicules.
  2. Most Creative
  3. Most Patriotic
  4. Most Unlikely to survive.
  5. Most mechanically creative or complicated.
  6. Best of show.