Did we even have summer or were we all in hell? How much is your electric bill for last month?! Autumn’s cooler days are almost here! Twin Mountain Off Road Adventure is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors this season with camping, stargazing, hiking, and off-roading of course! There’s so much to do this time of year. Every little town is having their own version of a Fall Festival featuring apples, pumpkins, music, and all that is made in WV. The roads to get you to the old towns are truly breathtaking and quite fun, even thrilling at times. Just up the dirt road along the ridge behind Twin Mountain Off Road is Twin Mountain Orchard (no affiliation) with a ton of apples and 360 degree mountain views. It’s so close and definitely worth it!

But back to us! We are open almost all year so come anytime, but we want to invite you to a special annual event. November 5th is Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night at TMORA. A tradition in England, it is a celebration of a foiled assassination by Guy Fawkes of King James I this night in 1605. British burn effigies of Guy Fawkes, politicians and celebrities, even the Pope. Hey, it’s all tradition! There are fireworks, mulled wine, candied apples and of course the bonfire of burning people. We should have most or all of this for your enjoyment. Email or call and let us know your plans. See you soon!
Click here for a more detailed history of Guy Fawkes Day.