DHFWe’re open! As of April 1st, we have begun the 2016 season. It’s going to be a fantastic year at Twin Mountain. The snow is gone, sun is shining and trails are waiting for you. Stay on our beautiful campground, enjoy area attractions, wheel all day long. Try out our skills area and perfect techniques or try out any new modifications.

We are now a dealer for MAXTRAX beginning this year. Check out the “Get MAXTRAX” page for information on them, see pictures of the colors we offer and ours in use, then place your order. They get us out of binds regularly (this does not reflect driving ability, only driving sanity), and are so versatile. We use them for many things. Try them out at the park to see what we mean. We have them on hand so you can take a clean pair home. We even have a couple colors not on our website that have been discontinued in the states.

More land for adventures! New trails will be built this year on our newly acquired 240+ acres. It has more out of this world views and challenging trails that will be open later. Interested in a “work day?” Maybe you can help us get it open sooner and get a sneak peek at the same time! It’s truly some of the most amazing east coast mountain terrain, with water, climbs, rocks, mud, unexplored areas and seclusion–so far from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

Visit Twin Mountain Off Road Adventure this season and escape to a place of endless adventure and recharge yourself! Book on this site. Call or email with any questions, (304) 257-3493, john@twinmountainoffroad.com.