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正規店 Connor 8-9mm A Quality Freshwater 925 Silver 注目ブランド Sterling P Cultured

Connor 8-9mm A Quality Freshwater 925 Sterling Silver Cultured P


Connor 8-9mm A Quality Freshwater 925 Sterling Silver Cultured P

Product Description

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

​Freshwater Pearls give you the Widest Variety of Colors; Black and White for more traditional and formal look or mix it up with Pink and Lavender by making a statement of elegance and sophistication. Whatever your mood or occasion demands, Freshwater Pearl Jewelry is always a great fit. 

See the full line out the rest of our Freshwater items and create a unique look great on any budget.

Variety of Choices gives you an opportunity to always look elegant.

A variety of choices gives you an opportunity to look great for any occasion. 

With five different pearl colors:

  • white, black, gold, lavender, pink,
and,  four pearl types:
  • Freshwater, Japanese Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea
 and five different jewelry types:
  • necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets
allow PearlsOnly to fill your jewelry box with pearly goodness. 

PearlsOnly was founded 14 years ago and immediately became an instant success story. We source our pearls directly from pearl farmers and pearl purchasing centers. 

We owe all of our success to our loyal and satisfied customers who continue to recognize our advantages: high-quality pearls, fast and reliable service and great selection.

We are a proud member of The Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc which is a nonprofit group founded in 1957, comprised of the finest manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, dealers and suppliers of Cultured Pearls in the United States.

Your pearls will be presented in a perfectly matched luxury gift box that was designed exclusively for our jewelry.
Additionally, each item is accompanied by its own Appraisal Certificate specifying shape, color, size, body shape and quality of your pearls. It contains an original picture of your item to ensure carefree insurance claims, should they ever arise.

Connor 8-9mm A Quality Freshwater 925 Sterling Silver Cultured P

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