Upcoming Events

  • Wilderness First Aid 3 day Course, May 26-28 2018

    A full three days of first aid training outdoors with some off road vehicle scenarios thrown in! Open to non-off roaders too! See our "Training Center" Page for details. Free camping!

  • ADVANCED Wilderness First Aid, Sept. 15-16, 2018

    Hard to find class! Open to anyone having taken WFA in the 12 months prior to this class. We have a "crashed" plane for the advanced course! Freshen up and add more to your skill set and have a great time with old classmates. Camping is free. More details on the "Training Center" page.

Historical Events

  • Park Opening

    4/30/14: KC and the Maxtrax Rally Fighter played to kick off our first official gathering.

  • First Annual Guy Fawkes Bonfire

    November 2014: British tradition of a bonfire, candied apples and good times.

  • Guy Fawkes Event

    November 2015: Second Annual Guy Fawkes Event with bonfire, candied apples and lots of good laughs.

  • F.O.R.C.E in February

    Feb. 2016: Wind Chills of negative degrees led up to the day of pretty nice 30 deg weather. Ground melted just enough to be slick as snot. Group spent the day maneuvering over the proving grounds and taming the mud.

  • C.O.R.E Day

    June 2016: Capital Off Road Enthusiasts had a blast on the trails of beautiful greenery and slip and slide mud. Old friends and new friends alike! Storms held out for the day against all weather app predictions.

  • New Training at TMORA

    July 2016: Owner and now instructor, John, taught the first one on one class "Introduction to Off Road Vehicles and Driving." It was a HUGE success!

  • Recovery Training Class Begins

    August 2016: In addition to the Introduction to "Off Road Vehicles and Driving" taught this month, John worked one on one with a student in the "Advanced Training Modules" including several types of Recovery.

  • Wilderness First Aid 2 Day Course

    A diverse class of medical students, business men, teenagers and military had an amazing time learning how to stabilize patients in the wilderness, recover patients from vehicles, and keep their control for the hours and days before patients can get to the hospital. Highly recommended class and we will host more here at Twin Mountain in the future!

  • Mid-Atlantic Rally

    Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Rover Owners' Association of Va (ROAV) is hosting MAR at Wheatland Farm this year. See you there Rover pals!

  • Guy Fawkes Weekend Nov.4-6, 2017

    It's the 3rd annual bonfire this year. Family friendly traditional British celebration. Enjoy the beautiful fall weekend with a candied apple and friends. Take to the trails too!