Door,Door,Handle,,35円,Cove,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Side,4,/,Fiber,Molding,Carbon,/cephalofacial1274053.html,Print,Momoap 35円 Momoap / Carbon Fiber Print 4 Door Side Door Handle Molding Cove Automotive Replacement Parts 35円 Momoap / Carbon Fiber Print 4 Door Side Door Handle Molding Cove Automotive Replacement Parts Door,Door,Handle,,35円,Cove,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Side,4,/,Fiber,Molding,Carbon,/cephalofacial1274053.html,Print,Momoap Momoap Carbon 正規品送料無料 Fiber Print 4 Side Handle Door Molding Cove Momoap Carbon 正規品送料無料 Fiber Print 4 Side Handle Door Molding Cove

Momoap Carbon 正規品送料無料 Fiber Print 信頼 4 Side Handle Door Molding Cove

Momoap / Carbon Fiber Print 4 Door Side Door Handle Molding Cove


Momoap / Carbon Fiber Print 4 Door Side Door Handle Molding Cove

Product description

100% Brand New (Quality Checked before shipping)
Color:Carbon Fiber Print
Material: ABS Plastic + Carbon Fiber Print
Surface Finish: Chrome Coated
Package includes: 12Pcs(Left amp; Right)
Easy Installation: 3M Adhesive Tape. No cutting or drilling required
The car looks Fashion and beautiful. A brand new different look to surely catch all the attention .!!!

Install Step:
1.Pls use alcohol or agent to clean the position of the installation (to make sure it without the grease.Wax or dust etc.)
2.pls ensure the position of installation can be completely fit the case before install, (Note: if there any questions or misfit , please contact us)
3.Rive the strong double-sided adhesive of the back , if meet the case of a relatively low temperature, please heating it via the hair dryer or lighter .
4.According to the comparison stick up it and press about 1-2 minutes (Note:do not wash your car in 48hours , the adhesive should be fixed after 12 hours )
5.The installation have been completed , DIY item --- Easy to install

All orders will shipped within 24 hours!
The package will sent via USPS, about after 7-15 working days you can get it.

If any more question please email to us. Thanks very much!

Momoap / Carbon Fiber Print 4 Door Side Door Handle Molding Cove

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